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Monday 27 December, 1999 | RSS Feed

Guides on Metin2 PvP

by Tinker | 2725 comments

If you have no time to earn Metin2 yang,you can buy Metin2 yang from our website at the lowest price. Here we will give you some Metin2 PvP Guide, hope it could help you.

First, you should train your Combo. Makes sure all your skills hit, and plus cancels the unimportant part of your skill-casting; short and sweet, your skills cast faster. Fade Step and Dash accordingly, and use them in Combo too. Dashing is the trick to winning for melee characters. 'Coz Force Archers and Wizzies won't be dashing that often in PvPs you'll want to use one Dash to cover two of their Fade Steps.

You should keep your enemy in front of you, at all costs. Use the Force, Simple enough, nobody likes getting based at the wrong moment. Get a good mouse, if you did not make sure your swing hard and good with your old mouse. Please make sure your opponent is in front of you, adjust your cam accordingly. Scroll in or out accordingly, don't zoom in too much so that you can only see your own character, but do not zoom out too much either, hard for you to click on your target. Their Fading gets very annoying after a while, especially if you let them knock you down from afar; start your combo with a dash!

Thanks for your reading and have a good time. If you have any interests, please come to our website and here we promise our best service could satisfy you at any time, we are serving you 24 hours.

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